It is no secret that physical activity is necessary to a person’s well-being. Since children are continuously developing physically and emotionally, they are especially affected by the benefits of activity – and inversely, the negative effects of inactivity.


The school offers a full range of athletic events that involve competitive running, jumping, throwing and walking. The dedicated coaches play an influential role in the development of the budding athletes both athletically and in the off the track/field lives as well. Learning to excel as a member of the school team defines the synergies that our sportspersons learn and make it contagious for others too. Indubitably, working with others is an essential part of life. It is also something to learn to do well.


The Basketball Club helps young people foster a sound apperception of the game of basketball and the importance of individual growth within a team environment. It reflects our strong belief in personal growth, sportsmanship, and respect for teammates, opponents, officials and coaches. Our players will be great representatives of themselves, their families, and their school. After all they earn the right to win with industry and togetherness.


Believed to be derived from the Indian game ‘Chaturanga’ before 7th century, Chess is a battle of wits between the two players. The lessons of planning and patience learned on the board help the child to develop her/his intellectual capacity to a whole different level. After all, you cannot undo the moves but you can make the next step better.


Setting goals, health benefits, fun and confidence are some of the invaluable reasons why children fall in love with swimming. Backstroke, breaststroke, sidestroke, butterfly and freestyle are the aquatic wonders that take place in the semi-Olympic size school swimming pool. Eventually, the training etiquette clocks up decorations for the swimmers.


Considered today as one of the most popular fun sport in the world, the physical, mental and emotional benefits of this game are truly inimitable. The ball that is constantly on the move serves to coach our players how to balance between demands and ability and how to sustain focus on most important things in life. Staying in the ‘now’ overcoming adversities shoos away worries and spikes the hot streak lust for life altogether including the indispensable repose of mind in times of victory or wallop. 


Why does cricket outshine any sporting event? One rationale that rhymes is that, in Cricket, one may not play every ball but every ball most certainly needs perceptiveness and shrewdness, just as in real world, one needs to know how and when to react. The character of the game grooms players for the cocktail of mires with multiple stimulation and unrelentless communication.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis is one of the fastest games to be played where speed can reach up to 116 kilometres per hour. The players have to make split second decisions. Not only in the game but the habit of making accurate decisions in such a short moment of time helps them grow a lot.


Football is like life that requires resolve, assiduity, sacrifice, and courtesy for authority. The idyllic sport is the perfect example of teamwork to chase goals galore that lie ahead.

Martial Arts

Martial arts necessitate the mind to be the greatest weapon for self-defense thereby leading to self-perfection. In order to inhibit offenses, children are taught to read intent, study body language, scout up the start of a possible assault, and foretoken the presence and/or use of a weapon. Improved mindfulness cultivated in the early years of life marshal a healthier and more optimistic adulthood. With the knocking out of ego and hang-ups, evolve the knockout persona.