Near Ramnagar Karjaha, Gorakhpur -Uttar Pradesh 273202, Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi.

School Mission

In pacing partnership for 21st century learning to help our children thrive in today’s world, Team GDGPS, GKP endeavours:

  • To facilitate joyful learning by providing a safe and secure effective teaching and learning environment;
  • To properly plan school infrastructure for promoting the mental and physical well-being of learners;
  • To nurture the cognitive profile of learners by instituting neural bridges between general intelligence and multiple intelligences;
  • To foster the honing of competencies of pupils to help bring about their holistic development;
  • To nourish ‘portable skills’ that shall be useful to our students across approaches of living;
  • To endorse civic engagement and community service to expand the affective and social experiences of the scholars; and
  • To educate children with the local and universal dimensions of curriculum to collaborate, integrate and co-exist peacefully and harmoniously within a united world at peace.

The sense of sanguineness and contentment of Goenkans must grow as the school culture blossoms efflorescing the myriad chromas of school fealty. Forby, the thought processes of these enthusiasts should contribute to the shaping of an inclusive world in meaningful and constructive ways.